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Details can make or break an outfit. And there is nothing, and I mean nothing like having a great sleeve placket. OK, so what’s so important about a sleeve placket? Well, first of all it places the cuff in a much better position, and makes the cuff closure a little showier, all without blaring a horn. This is one of those subtle, quiet details that speaks volumes - it oozes quiet quality. These are not that hard and I make it easy because they include description and best of all complete videos on the how-to steps. This resource not only includes all the instruction but a pattern for making your plackets that you can add to any sleeve - well any shirt sleeve. For blouses, you need a different placket and that is included too. Here's the big deep dark secret about this pattern - you can extend it and it will also make a shirt center front placket. So have fun with this and get a little creative (I've given you some ideas for that too)!

NOTE: The Sleeve Details resource is different from the Shirt Details resource which contains more information on all the details of a shirt. This only contains the details for the sleeve.

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