Tired of looking like everyone else? Can’t seem to get your fit right? And what the heck is proportion and sewing for my style anyway? This is the right place for sewing with flare, fit and fashion. You can upgrade your skills and get some fashionable, comfortable, individualized clothes in your closet.

Invigorate your sewing mojo and start enjoying the art of sewing that will add immeasurable joy to your wardrobe, give you years of wear – – that’s not counting how good you’re gonna feel in clothes that fit!

Proportion, Apex and Solving Fitting Problems

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First, the reason this photo is so dark is to show the seam lines and design of the white jacket. This document contains the Apex Tools and Proportion information, as well as many other proportion and fitting tools that I have used in the 40 years of designing for all figure types and sizes. I've updated it with some other more modern silhouette features that add to the fresher and more modern look of your wardrobe. The 40-page document takes you through the why's and how's of proportion, apex points and figure-flattering techniques that have become my hallmark with my clients. This is packed with step-by-step guides, downloadable tools, videos but most of all clear instruction on how to use the nebulous with all the whys and hows of proportion, what makes it right and how to fix it when it's wrong. It also includes wonderful techniques to use with the apex points of the body - all in one document.

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