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Time Management aka Commando Sewing

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What in the world is Commando Sewing and what does it have to do with time management? More than you realize. Commandos, prepare, practice and then in one attempt they concisely, quickly and almost always successfully perform their operation and are back home. Think about sewing this way - preparing, planning out steps, dividing steps into succinct clear blocks, scheduling those blocks to your schedule, and BOOM, in a week, 2 weeks, you have a major garment finished and on your back. This is commando sewing! And you would be surprised how easy it is. With tools pulled from corporate time managers to commandos, we can use these to prepare, block out and accomplish our garment in a set time with successful results! This resource includes several other downloads and a video, but more importantly I can not stress enough that using this technique as little as 8 or 10 times will give you a clear idea how it works and how you can apply it to any garment you will make!

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