Armhole Alterations



These are not that hard.  It’s the placement of the armhole in the bodice that is hard (that’s why you choose your pattern according to your shoulder measurement).  But that doesn’t mean that you won’t have problems with the hang of your sleeve.  Altering in the armhole can look like it’s a mess, but it’s not, and there are clear guidelines to help with this.  Even when these don’t work, there is a solution.  Remember we are working on a forever or core pattern, and it’s worth the time to get it correct.

In this resource, you will see many problems and how to solve all of them.  This includes lots of videos and lots of detailed instruction on not only help for the poorly hanging sleeve but how to diagnosis it so that you will know what to do.

Don’t be baffled any longer.  Help is here to get your sleeve draping and hanging as well as your bodice.


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