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Yeah, seems like child’s play, and in particular “if I only had a little more room” would solve the problem.  But I’m here to tell you, how your studio is arranged is one of the key components of making your studio a joyful and engagingly creative atmosphere.  I’ve been using these techniques for almost 20 years, and clients, students, family, and friends have all loved the way their working spaces have turned out.  Comments like, “I didn’t know I could fit all this in here and still have room to create,” or “I can’t wait to go to my sewing studio and play and have fun,” are common.  And when I ask if they would like to go back to the way it was, they all emphatically exclaim NO!

This is a Resource E-book that you can keep and refer to again and again.  I’ve also included guidelines on how to keep your studio in good working order.  After having a sewing studio for over 50 years,  I’ve culled together techniques from professional designers and ancient techniques to give you guidelines on what works, and as important, why it works.  These techniques are also used to make maximum use of the space that is available to you.  Too often sewing studios (even though touted by pros on the internet) are pushed up against the wall, and the middle of the room is left mostly unused or cluttered with furniture and items that are really of no use in a studio.  That’s not a  good design nor is it a design that’s conducive to creativity.

Learn not only why these design techniques work, but how to make them work for you.  There are several downloads of interactive questions to answer that you will then be able to determine what works for you, where to put it, and most importantly why it works this way.  You don’t have to hire or be a professional designer to do this.  As a matter of fact, it’s better if you don’t – you get more of what you like that way!


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