Fitting with Proportion and Figure-Flattering Tools



This is probably one of my best resources in the library. This contains a compendium of my most favorite and used techniques. I’ve learned these from designing for my debutantes, brides, and their families for 40 years and I’ve garnered a reputation for being very good at what I do. From the mother of a groom who had to have a double mastectomy 3 months before her son got married (so no time for recovery) to a lovely debutante who had scoliosis so badly that she had surgery to prevent her lungs from collapsing to shorten her life and I fitted her in a strapless dress for her debut! These are methods that I’ve used for decades but haven’t seen them on any YouTube video or taught in any college. These are from the college of hard knocks and that I’ve discovered on my own.

There really is more to sewing than mastering the techniques of an assembly of a perfect dart, or construction of an awesome set-in sleeve. If your garments don’t flatter you or fit you or feel comfortable, then you’re missing out on some of the most remarkable and awesome advantages of sewing your own clothes. The fit, flatter, and comfort for your size, style, and shape is probably the number-one reason I sew.
This is a graphic-rich document so it will take a little longer to download. It has videos and other downloads links as well as step-by-step how to use the tools to make your sewing garments fit, comfortable, and most of all flattering to wear. And there’s nothing more fun than wearing something you know you look good in.


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