Inspiration or How To Get Your Mojo Back?



Getting Your Inspiration and How To Get Your Mojo!  This happens to everyone of us, we have time set aside for sewing, and BOOM, the imagination goes flying out the window to take a vacation on a beach someplace!  So how do you get her back, and more importantly how do you remember all those great ideas you had just last week?  Believe it or not this is a common problem with artists, and being a sewist, there’s no reason we can’t use these guidelines to help us.  After 40 years of sewing for clients, believe me, I have to be able to come up with ideas and sometimes on the clock (nothing like a little pressure to add to the creative flow)!  But you know, I’ve done it, and I have a great collection here of some wonderful guidelines.

I also discuss a lot about the creative process, what it includes and what it doesn’t include. I talk about what are some of the typical blocs and what aren’t and how to work through all of those.  You’ll be amazed at this list and why somethings aren’t included.  There’s a download of wonderful book recommendations that I find very enriching.  Throughout the resource are some of my favorite inspirations quotes that you can download for your desktop (landscape) or your smartphone (portrait).  There’s a whole section on fears and how to deal with them like scared to cut out that very expensive fabric?…or you’re on a time crunch and how do you know you’ll get done?

But more than this, I want this to become a natural flow.  I want this to be an inspiration for you to be inspired!   So my purpose here is to make sure that you understand why your imagination went flying away, how to get her back, and why all this happens like this anyway.  I want you to be empowered to have your imagination come and go at your will.  I want you to make use of your full creative potential!


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