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Pants can be a real pain.  But here’s the big secret about pants:  when you get a pattern that works,  bang, it usually takes an afternoon (at the longest) to make a pair for yourself.  But what about a nice pair of dress pants?  What about a pant that you can go to the office in?  What about a pant you can wear to a cocktail party?  What about pants that will work for a special award presentation?  What kind of pants will work for that?  That’s where the ponte pant comes in.  And that’s what this resource is all about.

This resource contains:

  • Instruction on the kind of fabric to use and why
  • Instructions on the pattern to use and why
  • Instructions on fit, hang, the drape of the pant
  • Instructions on hems and hem styles and when to use what style where
  • Instructions on finishing techniques
  • Instructions on variations of this ponte pant
  • Instructions on styling for different figure types
  • Instructions for care

This is a jam-packed resource that can bring a whole new look to your wardrobe.  I love my ponte pants and wear them from family weddings to casual dinner at Cattleman’s (in my Western-type look). What’s most special is that my ponte pant class that I’ve taught for five years, is one of my most popular, and the way these pants fit and work is so much fun to watch my students get the pants that fit, are comfortable, and flattering all in one garment!


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