Sketching – From Idea to Garment

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How many times have you had an idea or seen a detail or loved the look of a garment and thought that it would be perfect for your style, shape, and size, but no pattern company came out with that look, or it seemed to be too hard to do.  Well pack those regrets and disappointments away, cause this is how you do that.  It’s not that hard and you do NOT have to be an artist to do this.

And sketching…yeah, I hear ya…”Claire, I am NOT an artist!!!”  I’m not asking you to be.  If you can trace,  you can do the sketching for this to work.  Remember tracing Barbie doll or paper doll clothes?….well, this is the same thing.  I take you through the complete process of why sketching (OK, tracing for you artists scaredy-cats), is so valuable and how it really is an instant problem-solving for your design.  Then how to take that sketch (which you must have) and draft up your pattern from your core patterns.  How to test it, how to refine it.  All that’s left is to make it up.

Welcome to my world of anything is possible.  If you can dream it you can make it!


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