The Dress – Style for Major Body Shapes



Yep – the dress is here and it’s coming. I know, you think you’ll never wear a dress ever, but let’s be honest here: when you start seeing the dress on every Tom Dick and Harry or every Vic, Donna and Holly, then you may possibly think a little about maybe it might be OK. But here’s the deal, every body shape needs some adjustments and alterations to make the dress look really spectacular on you. And that’s what’s included here. I take the 4 major body shapes, and go through in detail about the description of those types and how the dress needs to fit, then how to do those alterations. Eventually, this gets out, but how about having this info ahead of the fashion trend, instead of behind the trend. I use a basic dress pattern here (downloadable of course) and some of my favorite fitting and proportional and design tools to do this and wanted to share these with you here.


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