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This is a huge amount of information but contains almost everything you need to know about fitting, shaping, and flattering the armhole, shoulder, and bust area.  These are integral areas that have a huge connection with each other.  Without a good bust fit, the shoulder has to be off the shoulder to fit the bust.  Without a good underarm fit, the garment can’t close.  Without a good armhole seam, the sleeve can be droopy, wrinkled, or otherwise hanging incorrectly.  These aren’t unsolvable problems.  But it does take some knowledge and guidelines on fitting and shaping the garment to flatter you.

Here’s the bottom line.  Once you get this area fitted, you can literally mess up the rest of the garment and it will still look OK because the hang of the sleeve and garment will almost be guaranteed.   In this newer version, the Armhole-Armscye Alterations is a new addition as of June 1st, 2021.  This is an extended version from the original and contains many videos to walk you through a lot of the solutions for creating a great hanging sleeve.

This is a one-page document with the downloads for all the resources.  I recommend you go through them in the order they are listed, but I also know what it’s like to get a huge resource like this and go for the one you like the most!  This is meant to help you, so read in the order you believe will best help you.


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