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What in the world is Commando Sewing and what does it have to do with time management? More than you realize. Commandos, prepare, practice and then in one attempt they concisely, quickly and almost always successfully perform their operation and are back home. Think about sewing this way – preparing, planning out steps, dividing steps into succinct clear blocks, scheduling those blocks to your schedule, and BOOM, in a week, 2 weeks, you have a major garment finished and on your back. This is commando sewing!   But this is also time management.

Using tools from psychologist, research, commandos, business professionals and my own experience, I’ve put together some easy-to-follow steps so that you can organize your project to get the most amount done, in the most time-efficient manner.  There are wonderful downloads here of interactive steps that guide you all the way through this.  At the end, you will truly be amazed at what  you can accomplish.

Even if you don’t have a huge project or a project on a deadline, these practices and concepts are excellent to keep in mind.  Time is our most valuable resource, and learning steps on how to use it as wisely as possible, is a huge asset in your life.

I do not believe in being a 24/7 worker.  That’s for robots, and we humans aren’t robots.  I believe in being gentle with yourself when you’re working in your studio and my philosophy follows those rules.  So I have plenty of “downtime” (and I discuss why this is so vital), as well as purposeful time away from your sewing (did you ever think you would hear me say “step away from the sewing?!!!!”)

This is one of my Resources from my heart to your heart and mind and creativity.  Enjoy!



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