What’s So Great About the FBA



The FBA is the Front Bust Alteration or Front Bust Dart or Bust Dart Alteration, there are many names for it.  It’s that dart that goes from the side seam under the arm to the bust point – sometimes there are even two or three darts there.  And it’s magical.   Look at these two shots of this gal’s shoulders and tell me which one looks right.  It is one of my favorite fitting tools sewing for my clients.  What it does, it enables me to place the shoulder in the correct location, then I can fit the bodice just the way I want by adding in these darts.  And the really magical part is that the FBA is not that hard to do.  Moving around the armscye – that’s hard.  This is a brief education into the FBA and why it’s a must in anyone cadre of skills for flattering sewing.


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