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An Important Notice

As many of you know who take my weekly email, we are having woeful problems on this site. My wonderful IT guy who was so helpful and such a lovely person keeled over the first of September. It was a shock for all of us. What was worse, is that he didn’t really have any…


Fitting A Pattern to Your Body

This has always been one of the major reasons sewists turn to sewing if not the reason…period! The lure of fitting a pattern and therefore a garment to our bodies is always a plus. But there are a plethora of patterns as well as fitting challenges to each pattern, so how do we get that fit. It’s…


Bust Dart

Whether this is the side bust dart or the waist bust dart, it’s truly one of the magical fitting tools of the sewist’s arsenal. When it’s the simple waist/bust dart, it can taper in and fit in. You can taper this in to really accentuate your bust, or simply to give the illusion of a…


I’m Back!!!

Yeah – I feel like singing some great Barbra Streisand song about “I’m in charge and I’m back!!!!” Actually this will probably be short lived and I will be thrilled to simply talk about sewing again! I can not tell you how much fun it is to start blogging again and have everything….well, sort of…


What Is Drape and Hang

When we’re fitting a garment, this can be terms that we might not even think about. We’re more interested in hem length, straight hem, cuff length matching, collar front matching. And those are all good goals (some of them are), but there’s more to sewing for your own body than simply working through all the…


Why Sewing Is Important?

Of course, I would say that it’s important – I make my living at it and teaching it, but above that, why is it important for the regular person on the street? And as luck would have it there’s a new article (more updated than the last article I used for this blog) about sewing…


Promises Kept

Years ago, when I was a feisty young thing, I didn’t have enough sense to pick out a vocation that would be easy to find mentors, teachers and educators. I had to pick some obscure passion for sewing. Not only that but this passion turned out to be synomous with having the plague or something…


Sometimes Bigger Is Better

So I had this fabric, that I fell in love with, in the store…..yeah, you know how that goes. Well, got it home and I still love it, but it’s really dinky and thin and see-thru-ish even though it looks like a lush thick gushy fabric that you could make something in winter that would…

Walts pants

Why Sewing Is More Than Making Clothes

So Walt fell – twice – on the ice the first of the year. It was while walking he was walking the dog, in the dark morning, on ice. Yeah, I’ve threatened not to speak to him for a year if he does this again. Not sure that’s a motivating threat, but let’s just say…


The Problem With Haute Couture Today

A subscriber to my weekly email asked (WHAT?…you don’t subscribe? …goodness, it’s free and lots of info over there – here’s the link. Remember you can always unsubscribe, but you won’t cause it’s full of goodies, including discounts on my resources.) So the subscriber remarked that haute couture is not meant to be relatable. And…