Why Sewing Is Important?

Of course, I would say that it’s important – I make my living at it and teaching it, but above that, why is it important for the regular person on the street?

And as luck would have it there’s a new article (more updated than the last article I used for this blog) about sewing and why millennials are learning it. This is now called “adulting” not “Home Ec”! And you know, I’m OK with that name, because these are skills that adults need to have to make it in life. You need to know how to cook a meal from scratch, how to sew on a button or a dragging hem, or even make some simple alterations. Not only will this save your skinny in a tough situation but it’s very empowering.

So this new article talks about things like

  • Developing Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Learning Mathematical Skills
  • Mending Their Clothes
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Exploring Creativity and Accomplishment

This is a pretty good list. Sure, I can see honing mathematical skills (and if you want to get technical it’s geometry that we use in flat-pattern design and trigonometry that we learn in 3-D draping), hand-eye coordination, mending clothes is a given, and the planning and prep parts all make sense.

And by far, my favorite here is the “Exploring Creativity and Accomplishment.” This is one of those secret things that you don’t really expect to get. The very idea of transforming and complete abstract concept in the form of a few synapses between brain cells into a functioning and concrete garment that you can not only touch but is useful in your life is in itself a very amazing process.

This goes along with the other benefit, besides taking immense satisfaction in accomplishment, like living longer, healthier, and more alert lives because of the problem-solving tasks that you work through with every task you create and finish in sewing? I know, that problem-solving tasking while working through creative sewing doesn’t sound like a big deal, but let me tell you it is…

Stimulation of the mind increases the number and strength of connections between the brain cells, strengthens the brain cells one has, and even increases the number of brain cells slightly. Examples of mental exercises that are particularly effective include solving puzzles, learning something new, reading challenging material, playing board games, playing a musical instrument, and dancing.

Dementia Care Givers Site

Don’t be so quick to discount this skillset as it’s widely known that people who work puzzles and keep their brains active have much better brains at the end of their lives than their peers who don’t use their brains that much. this is the exercise of the grey matter in your noggin, that scientists get all excited about because it creates brain muscle that not only allows you to live longer but to live longer better, and happier. Because your brain is used to being functional, it remains more so as you age.

There’s something else here too. It’s having the knowledge of this skill makes you a far superior clothing shopper. So even if you have no intention of sewing your own clothes for any period of time, at least knowing how a garment should correctly go together empowers you with the knowledge of knowing the difference between a cheaply-made garment and a well-constructed garment. And there’s even more, because knowing that also gives you the benefit of a well-styled and well-designed garment. If you’ve put together enough garments to know not only recognizing good construction, but to additionally know good styling and well-cut design, puts you ahead of 95% of the consuming public. Unfortunately, it also makes you so knowledgeable that most clothing won’t appeal to you, and there’s not much I can do about that…..

….except I can teach you how to sew, style and fashion clothes that suit you which these days is a far better alternative!

Claire Kennedy

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