Sketching as a Design Tool

By Claire Kennedy / August 4, 2021 /

From the time I started my design company, I was sketching designs for clients. It was the only way that I could translate what they were telling me they wanted into a picture that we both could see. The old adage: “A picture is worth 1,000 words,” worked wonders in my company. And amazingly enough,…

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Making Your Own Clothes – Me Made

By Claire Kennedy / July 30, 2021 /

It’s fascinating to listen to this discussion of How Much Clothing Do I Really Need? for me because I don’t acquire a lot of clothes and haven’t for decades. Now the really funny thing, from my perspective, is that I didn’t realize I was that much different from folks who purchased most of their clothes,…

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This is so…. well, outré

By Claire Kennedy / May 10, 2021 /

I’m so tired of this look and even worse, tired of seeing it over and over as it it will never die. What’s the matter with fashion these days? We’re coming out of a prolonged lockdown, pandemic in which so much of the arts and hospitality industry have been devastated and we’re about to come…

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Down the Time Black Hole of Fashion

By Claire Kennedy / April 15, 2021 /

Good fashion can take me away for hours even before I realize what’s happened. A simple search, or worse a photo and I’m gone. Starting with cleaning out my Evernote account, less really is more, I found the obituary for Martha Phillips. This is a long lost name, but in her day, it was everything.…

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Protected: Just Between Us – The V&A is a Real Treasure

By Claire Kennedy / March 25, 2021 / Enter your password to view comments.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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